What is Marsy’s Law?

Accused and convicted criminals are afforded Constitutional rights and protections that victims are not. Marsy’s Law, which would be implemented in Oklahoma through State Question 794, will restore balance and fairness to our criminal justice system by affording victims Constitutionally protected rights.

Supporters' Stories

These are the Oklahomans fighting for Marsy’s Law in Oklahoma.

We can only achieve justice when those who have not been affected by crime become as indignant as those of us who are affected. Every victim of crime deserves compassion and dignity and respect. The passage of Marsy’s Law will make that happen.

Sheri Farmer, crime victim and founder of Oklahoma Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children

Speaking on behalf of my fellow survivors, when the unthinkable happens, you are thrown into this world where you are trying to get answers and you don’t know what to expect. SQ 794 is important to ensure that victims of crime would have the support of the State Constitution behind them in a way that they simply do not have right now.

Lauren Layman, crime victim and president of Oklahoma Homicide Survivors Group

Victims deserve to be informed of sentencing hearings and consulted on plea deals. If their attacker is released, they need to know that, and they need to know their whereabouts. Marsy’s Law gives victims a voice in the process, a right to be involved and a right to never be forgotten or cast aside by our criminal justice system.

Women’s Haven Executive Director Cora Thomas

When you are the victim of abuse or assault it’s hard to come forward under any circumstances. But the current system, where the rights are stacked in favor of the accused and offer very little protection or support for victims, can make it even harder. Marsy’s Law changes that dynamic by letting victims know they have rights too, their voices will be heard and they are valued and respected participants in the criminal justice system.

YWCA Oklahoma City CEO Jan Peery