Oklahoma Medical Community United Behind SQ 794


We’re proud to have the support of Oklahoma’s medical community, who believes the proposed Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights helps Oklahomans during a crisis.

Medical Association (OSMA), the Oklahoma Nurses Association, the OK Association of Family Physicians, Care Providers Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Behavioral Health Association.

After a violent crime, medical professionals are often some of the first people to interact with crime victims. OSMA President-Elect Larry Bookman, M.D., said physicians want to make sure that the individuals they treat and heal following a crime receive the same level of support within the criminal justice system. 

“Some of the crime victims are suffering profound physical and emotional trauma,” said Bookman. “As physicians, we do everything possible to address their physical injuries so they can return to their normal lives, but they need a support system in place when they leave our hospitals or clinics. Part of that is making sure the criminal justice system treats them with respect and dignity. We view our support for SQ 794 as an extension of our support for the physical and mental health of our patients.” 

Medical professions are the front-line responders for Oklahomans who are injured and in crisis, and they have an important role in creating a better justice system that supports victims when they need it the most. We appreciate our medical professionals for speaking out in support of adding constitutional protections and rights for the victims and survivors of crime through SQ 794.

For a complete list of SQ 794 endorsers, click here.