In Our Final Week Support for SQ 794 Remains Strong

In our Final Week, Support for SQ 794 Remains Strong

Crime victim advocates are canvasing Oklahoma to remind people to vote Yes on 794.  Early voting starts Thursday and the general election occurs Tuesday, Nov. 6.

This past Saturday, SQ 794 supporters attended two college football games. At the Oklahoma vs. Kansas State football game, we met fans at tailgates, and handed out water bottles and brochures about SQ 794. Even though our purple shirts matched the opponents, we received positive feedback about our efforts to improve crime victims’ rights. We spoke with many people who feel strongly that crime victims deserve a bigger role in the criminal justice process. 

We also joined the Oklahoma State University Homecoming game and parade. We joined tailgates and spoke with people about the importance of enshrining crime victims’ right in our state constitution. After the game, we enjoyed some world-class cheese fries at Eskimo Joe’s. But even better than the cheese fries, was a visit by a supporter of SQ 794 who shared the impact crime has had on her and her loved ones and why she believed in our mission.  It served as an important reminder for what our movement is all about. 

We’re hopeful for a good outcome on Tuesday.  Please remind your friends and family to Vote Yes on SQ 794!